Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Tribute To Amazing Granparents

I've been doing some reminiscing this week.  Thinking back to those who influenced me growing up, and one person always jumps to my mind.  Nana.  She was a wonderful lady.  She was my safe harbour, my confidant, my mentor, and my wind beneath my wings.  If it wasn't for her, the book I've recently finished would have no foundation. Click here to learn more, and here .

She was everything a grandmother should be.  In my mind, she will forever be immortalized standing over the stove cooking something wonderful.  The savory smells carried all the way outside, and your mouth was watering before you opened the door.  You were instantly starving even if you didn't know it two seconds before.  Needless to say, no one ever went hungry at Nana's house.

I never remember Nana ever raising her voice or saying an unkind word to any of us kids.  She never got upset when we broke something or made a mess where she'd just cleaned up.  As we got older and our personalities began to shine through, she never tried to change us.  It's the reason I could go to her with any problem.  I knew she wouldn't judge me.  She'd guide me in her always gentle voice.

She's the person who taught me how to cook, how to embroider, and how to be a better person.  She had the patience of a saint.  Oh, did I forget to mention?  She spoiled us rotten with love and her never empty jar of candy.   More importantly, we had a bond that couldn't be broken.   I'd do anything for her and she for me. 

To this day, I miss her terribly.  My heart breaks for my own daughters who experienced such a treasured bond so briefly with the passing of their grandfather when they were only seven and nine.   

If you're a grandparent who treasures your grandchildren, protects them, and makes sure they know how important they are in your life, then this is a tribute to you as well.  People like you are a blessing and a rare jewel in today's world.  Children today have precious few who they can look up to and respect.  Be proud to know that one of those people is you.  The bond you share with your grandchildren is your priceless legacy.


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