Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Omen Or Celestial Message ~

I can't say I've ever given a thought in my belief about omens one way or another.  However, when the same thing happens twice in five days, I've got to pause and assess the situation.

If you live in the South, you'll understand exactly what I mean when I say torrential weather can blow up at a moment's notice.  Picking my daughter up from school on Thursday, this is exactly what happened.  We'd been under various weather watches all day, but just as the pick-up line started moving the sky opened up and the wind blew in from out of nowhere. 

The line was stalled while all the kids were taken back inside to a secure hallway for a tornado lockdown as a safety precaution.  The rain was still coming in sheets when my daughter was finally escorted out, but at least we were on our way to my other daughter's school. 

Coming around the corner my route was again delayed. A tree had just fallen across the road.  I turned to my daughter and told her someone must've been looking out for us.  If she hadn't been stuck at school, it could've been us under that tree.

On Tuesday, we woke to the weatherman warning us of inclimate weather on the way.  I couldn't believe the line of storms headed our way.  It's just too early in the year for this kind of tropical weather to be starting.  The thunderstorm came so hard and so fast our yard was flooded within a matter of minutes.  You couldn't even see to the end of the road.  I waited for it to let up a bit before leaving for school.

It was like deja vu.  Another tree was blocking our path.  Again, it was a good thing our routine had been delayed.  Once, I consider a coincidence but twice?  What are the odds?  Am I being sent a message of future events?  Death by tree, I hope not.  It leaves me with only one other explanation.  Is someone up above trying to get in touch with me?  If so, it's a pretty drastic way to send a message.

I'm no stranger to paranormal activity.  Since my daughters' two grandpas have died we've had quite a few strange but enjoyable events, but that's a story for another time...

- Heather

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