Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Daughter's First Poem

My daughter had an assignment in Language Arts this week. Her topic was to write a poem about Love. She struggled with this assignment but ultimately wrote something so beautiful. She's given me permission to share it. It also received 9's from the judges in her class competition and a fellow student was moved to tears. I am so proud to call her my daughter.
Picture by K. Thorpe


Love is something you cannot measure,
But it is something I always treasure.

Thinking of my Grampa in his favorite chair,
Or with a baseball cap on to hide missing hair.

He'd read my favorite book 'til we started to doze.
Time for TV and our afternoon shows.

I learned to dive in my Grampa's pool.
At four year's old, I thought I was cool.

No on ever loved food more.
At Grampa's house it was snacks galore.

Disney World was favorite spot.
We'd be there rain or shine, cold or hot.

Plays, chorus, or soccer he was always there.
Though his seat is empty I still imagine him here.

Love is like the sun, it'll always shine.
In my memories, he'll always be mine.

~ K. Thorpe
Seventh Grade

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  1. What a sweet girl she is =) Beautiful poem Kendra!