Favorite Quotes

Being a writer, words have always fascinated me. The way we choose to use them in a sentence has the power to make people laugh, cry, or stand-up and take notice. This is a page in motion and will feature quotes I've heard that have struck me in some way. Most will be from children I'm sure, since they're are the people who occupy most of my day.

7/12/11 "Cuz now that I'm going out, guess I have to brush my hair." (Gotta love kids.)

4/18/11 "Mom, how come we wear shorts in the summer and we don't wear longs in the winter?"

4/11/11 "Yes Mama, but back in your day..." (no conversation ever goes well with those words)

4/1/11 "...traffic accident causes fatal fatality." - local traffic reporter

3/31/11 "Today's the day a girl's finally gonna touch you in your little special place." - Penny, Big Bang Theory

3/30/11 "You people just don't know about this kind of stuff anymore." - My Eleven-Yr Old.

3/29/11 "And I don't wanna talk about the bubbles. I like them and all. Just not on the bear." - Sleep Talking Child

3/29/11 "You're not short. You're just a minimized height." - 4rth grader

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