Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Magic Basket

Friday night's sleepover was a success! You'd have to know my younger daughter to understand why this excites me so.  Her grampa died of lung cancer in June of 2007, and she hasn't been able to sleep over there since.

However before she left, I gave her a new pair of shorts from a basket of overflow I keep on the top shelf in my closet.  I think every mom has one of these.  It's a bag or basket we keep of things we buy at a fabulous price and put away until we need it.

My daughter got so excited by these shorts she went screaming to her sister, "Look what the Magic Basket just gave me!"  I thought it was so funny to think of it that way.  To me it's just a large wicker basket I (literally) throw things up into.  But to an eleven-year old, this basket is always "magically" giving her things when she needs or wants them the most.

It's wonderful when the world still holds a bit of magic for us and the innocence of childhood is a beautiful gift that doesn't last long enough anymore.

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